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Exercise Studios


Eligible Operations

U.S. based exercise studios or circuit training facilities with 3,000 square feet or less of leased or owned space per location.

This program has been designed for U.S. -based owners and operators of exercise studios and circuit training facilities that offer personal/individual training and exercise in scheduled fitness/exercise programs that are under the direct supervision of a fitness professional such as a personal trainer or exercise instructor or in a structured/sequential order for an individual.  Coverage provided includes important liability protection for the studio/facility, including its employees for liability claims arising out of the operations of the studio/facility.   Note: coverage does not extend to your independent contractors unless the optional coverage is purchased.   

Note:  An insured with multiple locations is eligible for this program as long as each location’s square footage is 3,000 square feet or less.   For operations with locations over 3,000 square feet, contact K&K for information on other available programs.

Ineligible Operations:
Certain studios/facilities are not eligible for this program. K&K reserves the right to decline any request for coverage. The ineligible studio/facilities include, but are not limited to the following (and are excluded from coverage):
- Unattended/unstaffed 24-hour key card/keypad/keycode - Parkour/Ninja/Obstacle course programs or facilities
access operations or unattended/unstaffed operations  - Physical therapy
- Childcare/babysitting services/facilities - Physicals or stress testing
- Climbing walls
Programs specifically designed for health disorders/diseases,
- Crossfit® Affiliate Owners and/or CrossFit® programs/activities*

unless reported to and approved
- Dance studios*, Gymnastics/Cheer studios*, Martial arts studios* - Salon services or indoor tanning
- Facilities outside of the U.S. - Saunas or steam rooms
- Ice skating, roller skating or skating treadmills - Sports medicine
Medical, therapy or health care services
-​​Sports rehabilitation services/therapy
Open access to members to utilize facility on a self directed 
- Sports skills instructional facilities, academies, schools

basis outside of a structured program
or programs

- Swimming pools/hot tubs/whirlpools/jacuzzis/cold plunge
* Facilities that offer programs and services that are not eligible for this program should contact K&K Insurance at 866-554-4636 or review additional programs for
Health & Fitness Facilities.
Liability Coverage
Commercial general liability coverage protects the insured against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products and completed operations and personal and advertising injury. No deductible applies to liability claims.

Coverage includes incidental virtual training provided by you (the named insured) to your clients. The intention of the policy is to provide coverage for instruction/training under your direct supervision or organized by you, including material created by you that is accessible to your clients only (through a private platform such as a password protected website or a closed Facebook group) - Coverage does not extend to any training material that is accessible to the general public.

We expect that all reasonable precautions will still be taken when you are assessing potential new clients online, including but not limited to: health assessments, waivers/release forms, and interviews with clients prior to instruction or training. We encourage our clients to consult with their attorney to consider special waiver/release agreements that will apply specifically to virtual training.  

Please note, virtual training/instruction does not extend to any training/instruction that includes gymnastic apparatuses, tumbling, or stunting (including pyramids), or in-water activities.   We do not provide coverage for cyber liability, so if you are taking payment or collecting personal information online and it is compromised, there would be no coverage under the general liability policy.

General Liability Optional Coverages
- Bodily Injury and Property Damage - Liability for Independent Contractors
- Products-completed Operations Aggregate (Non-employees)
- Personal and Advertising Injury  - Abuse, Molestation or Exploitation Defense
 -  Damage to Premises Rented to You    Cost Reimbursement
- Medical Expense (other than participants) Sexual Abuse or Sexual Molestation Liability
- Bodily Injury to Participants Liability - Equipment and Contents (Inland Marine) 
- Hired Auto and Employers' Nonownership Liability - ​Supplies and Inventory
(not available in IL, LA, UT, VT and WI)​-Improvements and Betterments
- Professional Liability - Signs
- Premises Liability Included

Notable Exclusions
The following represent only some of the exclusions contained in this policy.
- Abuse, molestation or exploitation - Instruction/activities held on or in open water (e.g.: lakes,
- Acupuncture
ponds, ocean)
- Any adult-themed parties/meetings/trips, including but not

limited to parties/meetings/trips during which demonstration of 
Massage therapy
products and/or services used in the adult entertainment industry
Multi-passenger vehicles

takes place
Nuclear energy
- Asbestos
Sexually transmitted disease
Athletic competitions held/sponsored by the insured or in which the
- Silica or silica-related dust

insured's members participates
Specified recreational vehicles and activities-Aircraft/hot air balloon,
Bodily Injury to participants while in a hired auto or non-owned auto

Airport, Amusement devices: The ownership, operation, 
​-Cap on losses from certified acts of terrorism

maintenance or use of any device or equipment a person rides for
​-Commercial general liability standard exclusions (CG0001 4/13 ed)

enjoyment, including, but not limited to: mechanical or 
Communicable diseases

​non-mechanical ride, slide, or water slide (including any ski or tow
- Cryogenic chambers/therapy

​when used in conjunction with a water slide), inflatable recreational
- Cyber incident, data compromise, and violation of statutes related

​device, or vertical device or equipment used for climbing, whether

to personal data

​permanently affixed or temporarily erected. This exclusion does not
Cycling (other than stationary)
​apply to video games or computer games; or to any device that is
Employment related practices

​specifically designed for the training or instruction of an activity for
​-Events, competitions, tournaments, camps/clinics, conducted or

​which you are enrolled. Animal, Bungee, Dunk tank, Haunted

sponsored by, or on behalf of the insured, unless reported to and
​attraction, Performer, Rodeo, Saddle animal, Snowmobile

​approved by us
-​​The sale or distribution of medicinal, herbal and/or nutritional
​Fitness/exercise operations related, in whole or in part, to 
-​​The sport of boxing (contact/sparring)

​performance as an exotic dancer or any similar occupation in the 
​The sport of wrestling

​adult entertainment industry
-​Those operations listed as ineligible
​Full-sized trampolines
-​Total pollution with a building heating, cooling & dehumidifying
​Fungi or bacteria
equipment exception and hostile fire exception
Independent Contractors (non-employees) under the age of 18,
Training programs for law enforcement, public safety and 

and/or instructing sports skills, and/or coaching of organized

military personnel

competitive athletic teams, and/or operating as a certified athletic
Unmanned aircraft

trainer and/or exempt or non-exempt employee of a university 

or college

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