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Insurance for Walks, Runs, 5K, and 10K Events
This program offers walking and running event liability insurance for U.S.-based groups organizing a variety of fundraising walks, community runs, charity walks, 5K and 10K runs, and similar walk-and-run events. Coverage provides liability insurance for the organization, including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations. The program also includes medical payments for participants (on an excess basis) for those participating in the event. To qualify for program coverage, the following criteria must be met:
  • Maximum number of participants is 10,000
  • Maximum number of event days is 3 days or less
  • Total course distance cannot exceed 16 miles
Eligible Operations

Walking and/or running events with a course distance of less than 16 miles, including but not limited to:

-5k or 10k walk/run-Non-competitive charity walk/runs
-Children's walk/runs-Timed/competitive walk/runs
-Fundraising walk/runs-Walkathons
Ineligible Operations  
-Activist rallies/marches/protests-Mud runs/warrior runs/zombie runs/obstacle course
​-​Adventure races​runs/urbanathons (competitions, exhibitions or foot races
-College or university level championships eventsthat involve man-made obstacle courses, man-made
-Endurance racesmud pits, man-made slippery slopes, wall climbs,
-Events involving animals other than service animals,or other similar man-made obstacles)
​unless reported and approved by the company*​-​Political events
-Events with water activities or cycling activities-Professional sports events, try-outs and training
 -Events where the distance is more than 16 miles
-Full marathons (distances great than 16 miles)
-Hiking events -Virtual events/activities
-Iron man events

*This is not a complete list of ineligible operations. Contact us for additional information needed for coverage consideration.​ ​ ​
Coverages Available & Program Highlights:

General Liability

Optional Coverages

-Bodily Injury and Property Damage-Ancillary Activities/Events
-Personal & Advertising Injury
-Medical Expense (other than participants)
-Damage to Premises Rented to You (Fire Legal Liability)
-Products-completed Operations
-Legal Liability to Participants
-Medical Payments for Participants
​ ​ ​ ​
Notable Exclusions​ ​ ​ ​
​ ​ ​ ​
-​​24-hour premises liability
​-Employment-related practices
​Abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conduct
-​​Events held outside the United States

(unless reported to, approved by us and appropriate 
-​Events that last more than 3 days (not including set-up and

premium paid)

tear-down), unless reported, approved, and the appropriate 
​-Aircraft/hot air balloon

premium has been paid
​-Events with over 10,000 in total attendance
Amusement devices (The ownership, operation, maintenance
or use of: any mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide, or 
​-Fungi or bacteria
water slide, any inflatable recreational device, any bungee
Haunted attractions
operation or equipment, any vertical device or equipment used
Heavy metal/screamo, electronic/techno, rap, hip-hop 
climbing-either permanently affixed or temporarily erected,


or dunk tank. Amusement device does not include any video
arcade or computer games)
​-Legal liability to participants for professional athletes and 
Ancillary activities that require a separate admission charge
celebrity participants
and/or are open to the public (unless optional coverage is 
Medical payments for participant for professional athletes and 

purchased-attendance must be 3,000 or less)

celebrity participants
Animals (injury or death to, or injury, death or property
-​Nuclear energy liability

damage caused by any animal owned, rented or hired by you)
​-​Operation, ownership or management of any facility or premises,

other than while being used for covered activities
Athletic or sports participants in any other sport/athletic activity
​-​Operations of independent concessionaires, exhibitors and
other than walking or running

vendors at your event
Commercial general liability standard exclusions

(CG0001 4/13 edition)
Communicable disease
Room and board liability
Cryogenic chambers/therapy
Saddle animals
-​​Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone calls

​or other methods of sending materials or information
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
-K&K Applications
-ALL participants and/or parents/guardians of minor participants must sign a release/waiver
-Coverage will be bound for your requested dates upon receipt and approval of your completed enrollment form and