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Eligible Organizations
Organizations that meet all of the following criteria are eligible for coverage under this program subject to underwriting approval.
- The organization has tax exempt status as a not-for-profit organization.
- The annual revenue of the organization from all sources is $5,000,000 or less
(if greater than $5,000,000 please submit for individual consideration).
- The organization must not be a governmental entity or organization.    

Coverages Available & Program Highlights

Directors' & Officers' including Employment Practices Liability  
- Separate Maximum Aggregate Limit of Liability for Directors' & Officers Coverage $1M / $2M each policy year
- Separate Maximum Aggregate Limit of Liability for Employment Practices Liability Insurance $1M / $2M each policy year
- Medical Payment Limit per person for Directors' & Officers' of the Named Insured $10,000 per director
or officer
- Retention $1,000
Optional coverages
- Outside Services/Directorship
- Volunteer Worker Medical Payments (Only available to leisure type risks)