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Proper claims handling is a vital component of any insurance organization—and K&K Insurance is known for the exceptional service that our in-house Claims Department offers. Staffed with experienced examiners, litigation specialists and management personnel who specialize in claims investigation, analysis and disposition, K&K provides superior services at the time when it is needed the most. To report a claim, please fill out and submit one of the forms below.
Automobile  Submit claim online Download PDF
Liability  Submit claim online Download PDF
Property  Submit claim online Download PDF
Participant Accident Submit claim online Download PDF
Our Claims Department can be contacted directly at 1-800-237-2917:
Property & Casualty Claims
Fax: 312-381-9079
Email: KK_Claims@kandkinsurance.com 
Participant Accident Claims
Fax: 312-381-9077
Email: KK_PAClaims@kandkinsurance.com