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Frequently Asked Questions
Youth Camps & Clinics:
How soon does my coverage start? When will I receive proof of coverage?
Coverage can be bound the date after we receive a completed enrollment form and the appropriate premium. We request that adequate time is allowed for us to process your enrollment form and issue certificates.
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When should I make my coverage effective?
The effective date is the date you need your insurance to start. For many, this is the first day of the camp/clinic or when you begin setting up. If you are renewing coverage with K&K, use the expiration date of your coverage.
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How do I calculate the premium? What is a minimum premium?
Premium is based on the actual or maximum number of campers expected times a rate. A minimum premium is the amount you must pay if your calculated premium is less than the minimum premium for the option you choose.

Example: A 2 day clinic that needs $1,000,000 in coverage for 50 campers:
Step 1: Choose Option A
Step 2: Take the daily session rate for Option A, which is $1.33, x 50 x 2 for a premium calculation of $133.
Step 3: Since the premium calculation is below the $240 minimum premium for Option A, the total premium due for this clinic is $240.
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What if I have multiple camps or clinics scheduled and I am not sure how many participants will attend these camps or clinics? What do I report?
At the time of enrollment, please provide us a list of all your known camps or clinics. Use the maximum amount of campers that your camp/clinic can accommodate to calculate the premium due. TBD numbers will not be accepted. You can always submit an audit at the end of your camp if your numbers do not match what you had reported.
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What do I do if I add a camp or clinic after I submit my enrollment?
To provide coverage for a new camp/clinic not previously reported, you must inform K&K in writing of the new dates by completing a youth camp/clinic supplemental request form prior to the start date of the camp/clinic along with any additional premium due. Camps or clinics not reported to K&K prior to occurring will not be covered.
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What happens if I need to cancel a camp or clinic?
Cancellations must be reported prior to the scheduled start date or the first day of the camp/clinic session, and confirmed in writing for a refund or credit to be considered. Refunds may be subject to a cancellation penalty of $120 for Option A or $180 for Option B.
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How do I report cancellations, changes or any additional camps after hours or on a weekend?
Since any changes to your coverage need to be reported prior to the scheduled start date or the first day of camp and be submitted in writing, please either fax or e-mail us the necessary change as soon as you can. If you do not have access to fax or e-mail, please leave us a voicemail message and follow up with written confirmation as quickly as possible.
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Do I need to complete an audit at the end of my camp?
Your coverage may be subject to an audit. Audit forms will be sent with your proof of coverage certificate if we will be auditing your camps or clinics. A completed audit form with a roster of the camper’s names is required within 30 days of the end of the reported camp/clinic session.
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Is Abuse and Molestation coverage available?
Yes, we are able to provide coverage upon receipt of a completed questionnaire and approval from the carrier that reimburses you for up to $100,000 per claim and $100,000 in the aggregate for defense costs resulting from claims arising out of abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conduct. The premium for coverage, if approved, is $500. Please contact K&K for the questionnaire.
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Will I receive a policy after I submit the enrollment form?
No. You will receive a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage. Coverage is offered exclusively through Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Risk Purchasing Group (PG). The PG receives a master policy from the insurance company. Submission of this enrollment form confirms your desire to receive coverage through the PG. Each member receives their own certificate of insurance as their evidence of coverage. The limits of insurance apply individually to each certificate of insurance–there are no shared limits of liability with any other members. A copy of the PG master policy can be requested in writing to: K&K Insurance Group, Inc. 1712 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.
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