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Renew Coverage

We are unable to renew coverage over the phone.  You must either renew/reapply online or reapply using a paper application/enrollment form.

If you currently have coverage through K&K and had purchased it on our website (paid for and received certificates online) and would like to renew the coverage online, please log into your account.  After logging in, you will see the coverages previously purchased, then select the Renew/Reapply link next to the coverage you would like to renew.  This will take you through the process to renew coverage, with the opportunity to make any necessary changes.

If you previously purchased coverage using a paper application/enrollment form, you may renew/reapply using one of the following options:

  • Buy Online - Select "Home" at the top of this screen and choose a program from the dropdown list under

  • Submit paper application/enrollment form - Select "Home" at the top of this screen, choose a program from the list showing under the heading Fitness Insurance.  Download an application after selecting the "Application and Printable Documents" link on that screen.

Request a Certificate/Additional Insured

If you currently have coverage that was purchased online:

You may create additional certificates of insurance on your own by doing the following:  Enter your login information in the left margin of this page, find the desired policy under "Coverages Purchased", then click on the Add link.  Complete the fields required and click the "Add Certificate" button.  After you have completed all your requests, click "Continue" and your certificate(s) will be generated IMMEDIATELY.  A copy of your certificate(s) will be added to your "View My Account" area and a copy will be emailed to your registration email.

If you did NOT purchase coverage online OR if you purchased coverage online, but need special certificate wording:

Please click on one of the links below to request a certificate through our office.


Certificate Request Form to submit via Fax/Mail (PDF File) ONLINE Certificate Request Form (email)


Policy Change

If you currently have coverage, you may use the document links below to request a change to your existing coverage.


Policy Change Request Form to submit via Fax/Mail (PDF File)


ONLINE Policy Change Request Form (email)


Your request will begin to be processed as soon as possible on the next business date (M-F, 8-5 EST).  Please allow 10 business days for processing.  If you need your certificate sooner, please let us know on your request and we will make every effort to meet your needs.