Sports Camps and Clinics

Sports Camps and Clinics

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Note: Smaller Sports camps and clinics with Liability, Accident Medical and Contents/Equipment Coverage needs only, should visit our risk purchasing group, Sports Camps & Clinics program.

Eligible Operations
- Amateur sports camps - Sport day camps
- Amateur sports clinics - Sport overnight camps
- College sports camps/clinics    
Notable Exclusions:
- Amusement devices - Fungi or bacteria
- Asbestos - Lead
- Employment-related practices - Nuclear energy
- Fireworks    
Coverages Available & Program Highlights
General Liability   Property
- Broadened Coverage Form    -    Over 25 property enhancements
- No deductible  
- Bodily Injury and Property Damage   Inland Marine
- Contractual Liability    
- Personal and Advertising Injury   Crime
- Products and Completed Operations    
- Professional Liability   Commercial Auto
- Medical Payments to Participants (optional)    -   Nonowned/Hired Auto
- Host Liquor Liability  
- Premises Liability   Excess Liability
- Hired Auto and Employers Nonowned Liability (Not    
  provided in Ohio and Hawaii)   Excess Accident Medical (Participant Accident)
 - Abuse or Molestation    
      Event Cancellation & Non-appearance
Common Associated Exposures
- Food preparation - Group supervised field trips
Key Underwriting/Qualifying Factors (Including but not limited to)
- $3,500 minimum premium    
Underwriting Information Required
- K&K Applications - Copy of Certificate of Insurance from vendors listing
- Completed ACORD applications for other requested   insured as additional insured
  coverages - Copy of procedure/rule manuals
- Five years of company loss runs - Copy of waiver & release forms
- Web Site Address (if available) - Number of years in business
- Number of years experience